Extruded Kerb

Extruded Kerb – East Coast of Australia

Today, we primarily use the Arrow 770 Kerbmaker for most of our kerbing work. This compact and versatile machine can extrude in excess of 500 linear metres of kerbing per day and almost entirely eliminates the need for formwork. This machine handles tight curves and as close as 100mm to objects.

A little more information about our extruded kerb machine:

The Arrow 770 Kerbmaker is now laying kerbs in more than 40 countries. That’s on top of its reputation as the workhorse of the Australian industry. The Kerbmaker has revolutionised the kerbing industry wherever it has been introduced.

With detachable moulds, this small and versatile machine can produce a multitude of shapes – from 150mm to 1220mm wide – without even changing the power unit.


  • The Economical Alternative
  • Manual Hydraulic
  • Tighter radius
  • Quicker set up
  • Designed for the budget conscious contractor