Slip Form Kerb

All Kerb specialise in Slipform Kerbing using an Arrow 750XL Slipform Kerber.

Slipform Kerbing has long been the product of choice for road construction and site development in Australia. The key benefits it generates over conventional types of kerbing solution on the market are:

  • Versatility: slipform kerb can be formed to any practical shape or height required.
  • Speed: hourly outputs greatly exceed those of conventional methods, making the process extremely commercially competitive.
  • Health & Safety: no exposure to manual handling and possible heavy lifting injuries.

More and more we are finding councils, civil contractors and road authorities specifying vibrated concrete Kerb (slipform) for all road concrete Kerbing, both new and reconstruction.

The reasons are simple, stronger, faster and more economical.


The use of wet mix concrete of 40mm + slump in combination with hydraulic vibrators for compaction produces a much stronger and durable product. With a slump of 40mm approximately this gives the concrete the optimum cement/water ratio to assist the long term hydration process, ensuring the product keeps growing in strength as it ages.The compaction achieved by the hydraulic vibrators is second to none, it increases the density of the concrete dispelling all the air pockets in turn increasing the strength and integrity of the kerb.


A production rate of 3 to 4 metres a minute for kerb and channel is standard, with production rates of up to 15 metres a minute on smaller kerbs. We have customers who are achieving 500 lineal meters of finished kerb and channel a day with a three man crew.

More Economical

Jobs can be completed ahead of time as the backfilling and associated earthworks can be done the very next day. Slurry materials and manpower are not required as the finished Kerb comes straight out of the machine.

The benefits of the Australian made ARROW 750XL is that it is a compact machine fed directly from the transit mixer, no augers or conveyors required unlike the larger imported US or German made machines. The ARROW 750XL is small enough to fit on a standard 6 ton truck or trailer so does not require semi trailer/ low loader transport or oversize permits yet has the power and capabilities to pour footpath up to 1500mm wide inboard, vee drain up to 1200mm wide offset and Kerb sections up to 700mm high.